Which Is The Right Nail Shape for Your Nails?

Whether you’re a nail maven or just like to indulge in the occasional manicure, your nail shape communicates a lot about you. Check out this index of nail shapes that are trendy today and discover if you’re a coffin, a squoval, a stiletto, or something else entirely, and make an appointment at the Herbal Nail Bar in Naples or in Fort Myers to get your nails into tip-top shape. Let’s get started!

  • Square nails are nails that are filed to 90-degree angles on either side, and at the top: perfectly square. Square nails are particularly appealing amongst the younger crowds and it’s seen as a highly modern shape. If you have narrow nail beds and slim fingers, you can rock this shape easily. Solid dark colors look great on this shape, as do negative space manis and geometric nail art, also.
  • Oval nails are very natural looking, but as they are filed in on the sides they also add the illusion of length to a finger. This may also be because in order to achieve the shape, the nail must grow at least slightly beyond the end of the finger. It’s a very feminine shape and great for experimenting with trending colors. Along with bold and unexpected shades, this shape looks great in reds and metallics.
  • Round nails mirror the contour of the nail with a circular edge at the tip.The tip of your nail is filed into an arch shape like a perfect circle. This shape is great for anyone looking to elongate fingers. It makes them look more narrow and it makes wide nails beds appear thinner. And it looks great in any shade, really.
  • Squoval nails refer to taking the square nail shape and softening the hard angles and rounding out the edges until you’ve got: a squoval! This amazing hybrid shape is universally flattering; it looks good on short and long fingers alike. Dark shades go best with this shape.
  • Coffin/ballerina nails mimic the shape of a coffin or a ballerina’s pointe shoe by tapering the sides and putting a straight edge on the tip. This particular look is favored by fashionistas and people who are generally really into nails. It’s a shape that is both chic and strong. Solid colors with matte finishes look best on this nail shape.
  • Almond nails, as one would guess, tapers the tips to a point on each nail. This nail is known as the chicest nail shape in the fashion world: sexy, slenderizing, and strong are all excellent descriptors for this particular nail shape. This shape looks great in a nude color.
  • Stiletto nails are long, pointy and dramatic; they’re filed to a point, like a claw. Cardi B. is one contemporary superstar who rocks this nail shape, though the shape itself dates back to the mid-20th century and has only recently seen a resurgence in popularity. Stiletto nails are great for ostentatious, over-the-top nail art such as clunky gems or lots of glitter, and as far as colors, anything goes, but the bolder, the better.

As you can see, each of the different nail shapes evokes a different story, a different personality, a different expectation. When you think about everything your nail shape communicates, it’s pretty important to get it right! Contact us today at Herbal Nail Bar and let’s get your nails in amazing shape!