1. Benefits of Herbs in Beauty

    To improve the overall health of the body, herbs have been playing a major role for decades;  they help in healing wounds faster, make up for nutritional supplements and also deliver a host of benefits. Herbs strengthen the immune system, lower blood sugar and cholesterol, have anti-inflammatory properties, and prevent Alzheimer’s diseases and various types of cancer. Herbs eliminate th…Read More

  2. Dead Sea Treatments

    The Dead Sea has been blessed with a rare blend of potent natural resources proven by endless scientific researches worldwide to be therapeutically effective for healing skin disease.  People from all over the world come to the Dead Sea where the most advanced methods and best therapists for treatment of skin condition, especially psoriasis, are concentrated.  The therapeutic qualities of the …Read More

  3. Dr. Remedy’s Organic Polish

    Dr. Adam Cirlincione and Dr. William Spielfogel are board certified practicing Podiatric Surgeons based in New York who founded Dr.’s Remedy to address the needs of their patients. Both doctors have spent years of study and training in the field of Podiatry. Although, skilled surgeons, they realize a top reason patients come into their office is because of brittle, discolored nails, often times …Read More